Photocatalytic paint is a new type of paint
that works as an air purifier. Decorate the
walls avoiding the dirt and cleaning the
air of contaminants and bad smells.

Photocatalytically active mineral coatings
help to break down air pollutants. 


The process of photocatalysis is similar to the
photosynthesis of the plants. Photocatalysis is
a technology analogous to that of photovoltaic
panels. It uses the energy of light, both natural
or artificial to remove the contaminating and harmful.


When the sunlight or artificial light (except LED)
fall upon the painted surface, it is activated
a chemical process which avoids the wall get dirt,
it cleans the polluted air, the dirt is destroyed
and it prevents the fungal and bacterial growth.




- It cleans the polluted air.

- It prevents area from getting dirty. 

- It eliminates odours such as tobacco, smokes in the kitchen, humidity. 

- It removes dirt. It prevents the fungal and bacterial growth.

- It saves maintenance and cleaning costs. 

- It only needs light to be able to realize its function.

- It strengthens the perception of pure and clean air.

- You can easily measure its effects and it can be used as customer loyalty tool.

- El efecto es medible y puede ser una herramienta de fidelización de clientes.

- It is a pure organic product with the highest quality certification.

- It is a key element in environmental management and social responsibility policies. 





- Indoor and outdoor use. 

- It can be applied to walls and roofs: White and colour painting.

- Baseboard: white and colour water-borne.

- Bathroom and kitchen use: white and colour paint. Invisible and permanent watery solution for floor tiles, stones and other surfaces.

- Facades: colour outdoor paint use.

- Architectural elements, marble, stone, ceramic, glaze. Invisible and permanent watery solution.

- Concrete pavement and walking areas.