Agustina is a seal of design sailing across our sea,
and it endows with the passions, the landscape,
the colours and the typical Mediterranean chores.
From that perspective and with an unconditional love
for the geometry and the conceptual illustration, we create
patterns with organic- and geometric motifs, which are
characterized by their intense shapes in colours and freshness
and which can be applied to products and interior spaces.

of home items and daily-use accessories, as well as in all
he projects we collaborate with other professionals such as interior
designers or architects, specializing in hotel interior design, housing
and spaces such as restaurants or exhibitions. Our patterns can be

We are focused on the constant search of innovation on all its
creations, playing with the shapes in a simple way in order to make
roducts much more versatile and functional. Agustina reinvents its
products to bring them closer to the audience, innovating on
materials and processes thereby improving its characteristics.

Since 2016 the search for the balance among beauty, functionality
and versatility as well as the love for design, the local production 
customization, and the attention to the details, define Agustina’s DNA.
PORTADA b-guided_rojo.jpg